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Changsha to carry out special inspection of mechanical equipment safety

Update time:
2017-11-25 13:59:46


There have been a number of construction machinery and equipment collapse accidents in Changsha recently. To draw lessons from the accident, effectively curb the lifting machinery and equipment production safety accidents, Changsha safety supervision station today learned that the station decided from now to August 30th, within the scope of Changsha imtely carry out the construction of hoisting machinery and equipment safety special inspection. In view of the enterprise itself, the risks of the investigation mainly includes 7 aspects: whether the use is obsolete or banned, more than technical standards for the safety or the manufacturer specified period of use, the test is not up to the technical standards for safety regulation, no complete safety technical archives construction crane. Whether there is a safety protection device is not complete, effective or intentional cause safety protection device failure, installation of non original manufacturing plant standard section and attachment device and other issues. Whether the special construction scheme is compiled and checked according to the regulations, and whether the experts are over qualified or not are organized. Installation, demolition, jacking, attachment work is strictly in accordance with the special construction plan and operation procedures. Is there a safety measure to prevent the tower crane from colliding with each other according to the requirements when there are many tower cranes in the construction site?. Whether the property rights record, security (demolition) notification procedures in accordance with the provisions, whether in accordance with the provisions of self inspection, inspection, joint acceptance and use of registration?. Is equipped with mechanical professional, whether the special operations personnel qualification certificate network query, whether in accordance with the "four certificates of qualification management of special operations personnel" requirements, and data retention; whether the driver, command personnel certificates, command, our cable equipped with compliance with the provisions of. Whether the safety device and connecting bolts of hoisting machinery are complete and effective, whether the structural parts are welded and cracked, whether the connectors are wearing and plastic deion, whether the parts meet the scrap standard or not. Mobile crane whether the organization approach acceptance, safety insurance device is complete, effective, whether to maintain according to the requirements, whether the operator has the corresponding operation qualification, etc.. Changsha Anjian station of the supervision department, the district and county (city) safety supervision station will also organize personnel to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the completed hazard investigation work of the project, focus on strengthening the construction hoisting machinery and equipment inspection quality supervision inspection entity, whether the project construction and improve the construction crane safety management system, strict construction hoisting mechanical safety management process, whether strengthening construction crane safety management responsibility, should strengthen the construction hoisting machinery installation, demolition, transitions, using the whole process safety control. The special inspection for the dragnet type inspection, each unit should do not stay dead corners, do not leave blind spots. "City safety supervision station will be in mid late 9, organization inspection team for inspection work supervision.". We will seriously investigate the construction machinery safety violations." Changsha Anjian station responsible person pointed out that the construction hoisting machinery special construction plan according to the requirements of examination and approval, according to the relevant regulations, the implementation of the scene and special plan of special operations personnel without operation qualification certificate engaged in construction activities, construction units of safety education and safety technical disclosure, illegal operation, illegal construction and illegal command labor discipline, will be issued a serious misconduct notice, eliminate hidden dangers of incomplete construction crane determined not to put into use. The construction machinery safety production violations, in accordance with the "zero tolerance, thorough investigation" requirements, strictly punished according to law, and investigate the situation exposed. online customer service