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Shaoxing Keqiao District Quality Supervision Station for the first time to carry

Update time:
2017-11-25 14:05:00


Shaoxing Keqiao District Bureau of quality supervision station recently launched a special inspection of hoisting machinery and equipment for the first time in the railway project, and invited two experts from the Provincial Construction Institute to assist the inspection.

The special inspection mainly from full-time security staff to the post, special operations personnel certificate, mechanical maintenance and lifting machinery performance, safety and other aspects of inspection.
Through inspection, it is found that intercity railway project can strictly implement the requirements of safe production and rental management of hoisting machinery in our district, and the operation of the machinery is in good condition. But there are also some problems, including the change of individual full-time security staff is not timely, crawler crane locking device tied with wire, big arm angle limit is too large and so on. In view of the problems found in the inspection, the district safety supervision station ordered the relevant entities to rectify the deadline. online customer service