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How to choose a high quality hand gourd?

Update time:
2017-11-25 14:07:49


Hand hoist is a simple, easy to carry manual lifting machine, it is suitable for small equipment and goods short distance lifting, that hand hoist hoist point selection we need to know? Today for your specific introduction.
1, the lifting point should be selected in the direction of the upper side of the hand hoist, because it is a fixed lifting tool, if not doing so, will cause the oblique hanging crane situation, resulting in its own shaking damage.
2, lifting the rectangle with a general selection of four hanging point: A, four hanging points should be selected in the range of four symmetric orientation; B, and the hanging hook should be the focus in the same plumb line; do try lifting experiment C and improve, until the weight balance, avoid increases sliding or rolling.
3, in the mechanical equipment installation accuracy request higher, in order to ensure the safety of installation, can choose to select auxiliary lifting point, cooperation simple spreader adjust the balance of the hoisting method. Usually the ring chain hand hoist is used to adjust the horizontal position of the body.
4 and two hand hoists hoist the same object. A, when the two hand hoist hoist weight is flat, hanging point selected at the center of the balance beam; B, when the two hand lifting hoist weight is not flat, should be based on the torque balance conditions to select lifting points. The application of electric hoist is the same.
No matter what kind of lifting method, accurate hoist hoist standard operation, is also the key to the safe completion of hoisting work. online customer service