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SEO optimization specialist

Post responsibility:
1. responsible for the external publicity of the company's products (mainly including the forum inion, the circle of inion release, micro-blog release inion, and B2B type website inion release)
2. is responsible for increasing the number of websites outside the chain, the establishment of the company's web link wheel system
3. promotion technology must be regular SEO mode, reject black hat
Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, more than two years of work experience, more than one year large and medium-sized website SEO experience;
2, sensitive to the data, can evaluate the promotion effect, to ensure the actual promotion effect and the actual promotion quality;
3, familiar with the major search engine ranking mechanism, grasp the characteristics, optimization principles, can release the content of appropriate and reasonable optimization;
4, encountered the search engine down power or punishment, have experienced successful processing experience, can deal with the search engine crisis management;
5. Extensive Internet knowledge, understanding of SEM, EDM, SNS and other Internet marketing tools;
6 、 strong sense of team work, good communication, coordination and organization ability;
7. Be able to work under great pressure and be responsible for work;
8, ready to accept the supervision and inspection, elimination system.
Foreign trade commissioner
Post responsibility:
1. have the ability to develop the market, and have a unique view of the development of customers, the implementation of the company's foreign trade development plan
2. assist company leaders to develop, maintain the market, seek and track foreign customers, maintain old customers
3. participate in the negotiations on foreign trade cooperation, and assist in establishing and maintaining foreign sales networks
4., do a good job with the daily contact and product consulting, management of relevant letters, documents and other inion
5. participate in various foreign trade exhibitions, mining tracking intention customers
6. make and improve all kinds of publicity materials and do well in written and oral translation
Job requirements:
1 、 college degree or above, 20-35 years old. Both men and women;
2. Half year to more than one year of sales experience, familiar with network marketing;
3, understand the Alibaba, Chinese manufacturing (Made-in-China), B2B e-commerce platform for the development of customers, expand the international trade business of the company; organize overseas customers, build customer files, grasp the international market trends in the industry, to determine the marketing strategies in response to the;
4, with fast and accurate solution to the problems encountered in the business quality and consciousness;
5. Be familiar with English communication with foreigners and operate office software;
6, excellent customer service awareness and communication coordination ability, excellent team consciousness;
7, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have strong sense of responsibility and hero consciousness.
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